In a world of diverse opinions, what does it take to bring a community together? A small group of ten citizens met over several months during the winter of 2018-19 to answer that question and form the framework of a non-profit organization. The Chesapeake Forum “think tank” group then added a broad based twenty-seven-member Board of Directors.

This non-profit organization will carry out its mission by bringing quality speakers to the community to support its goals. These goals include promoting education by engaging diverse, multi-generational audiences and fostering learning, understanding, and meaningful community conversation.  In addition to traditional attendees, The Chesapeake Forum will market to a cross-section of audiences, such as youth in K-12, higher education (public and proprietary), faith, civic, business, and agricultural communities.

The Chesapeake Forum provides an opportunity for the community to come together and be challenged by diverse speakers to include scientists, artists, historians, judges, financiers, humorists, philosophers, journalists, former government officials, writers, and other leaders in their respective fields. The Forum will neither engage in promoting political persons, positions, candidates, or parties in selecting speakers, nor in its marketing to audiences.

Mission Statement

The Chesapeake Forum seeks to bring dynamic and diverse high-profile speakers to the Chesapeake community, thereby promoting education and learning among the general public.

Charter Members 2020

Inaugural Season Funding Partners

Robert and Barbara Head
Rebecca C. W. Adams
John T. Maxwell
Tara Preston
Patti and Jack McCambridge
Mary Ann and Rob Saunders
Richard W. West
Glenn and Suzanne Koonce
James L. Frye
Robert and Cathy Tull
Charles G. Hackworth, Sr.
Gary and Neta Stephens
Sheriff Jim O'Sullivan
John A. Kish
Diane Berry
James C. Archbell III
Ian F. Hill

James A. Roy
S. Chris Jones
Dwight M. Parker
C.E. Cliff Hayes, Jr.
Garnett and Jimmy Lane
Patricia C. Whitehurst
Jay Leftwich, 78th House District
Jon and Sharon Stull
Louis and Sharon Tayon
Matt and Karen Hamel
Michael and Claudia Cuddyer
Ron and Debbie Ritter
Bishop Kim W. Brown and Dr. Valerie K. Brown
Chesapeake NAACP
Stephens Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fisher
Tony and Ann Thiel

Troy and Arlene Thorn
Bucky and Susie Archer
Dr. Juan M. Montero, II
Stephen and Sheree Best
John W. and Donna P. Brown
Brenda Stafford
John Raniowski
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Bateman
Banister Automotive
Stan and Kathy Romes
Wayne and Jannette Martin
Joe Newman
Barbara Carraway
Glenn and Becky Hampton
Marvin and Patricia Powers
Tommy Smith

Brenda and Paul Wright

Sustaining Members 2022

Rebecca C. W. Adams
Barbara and Robert Head
John T. Maxwell
Brenda and Paul Wright
Ron and Debbie Ritter
Glenn and Suzanne Koonce
John W. and Donna P. Brown
John and Jane Kish
Robert and Cathy Tull
C. Stanley and Katherine L. Romes
Louis and Sharon Tayon
Jon and Sharon Stull
Patti and Jack McCambridge
Dwight Parker
Delegate Cliff Hayes
James L. Frye